With Feng Shui knowledge that has been tested for thousands or years, there's no better way to improve your love life.

You will learn:

  •  The bed placements that may lead to arguments and distrust.
  •  The 3 types of headboards that can sabotage a relationship.
  •  The 2 things that increase stress in the master bedroom.

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Don’t just take it from us, hear from our students:
Adedayo Adefila
Ariaal Ashlie
Laryn Hurley
As usual Moni, you knocked this webinar out of the park! You are such an amazing Teacher and I always learn so much from listening to you. Thank you for your willingness to share yourself, your experiences and your knowledge with us.
Due to individual sleeping needs, my partner and I have been sleeping in different bedrooms for nearly a year. After watching this presentation I changed the placement of my bed. In less than 48 hrs my boyfriend was sleeping in our bedroom again. It was like the room was a magnet for him!
This was very useful. Reflecting on how my immediate past master bedroom was...this validates why there was so much stress and conflicts compared to my current master bedroom. Quite a lot to learn and apply of course but I am grateful for what has been shared so far. Thank you Moni.